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I teach an energising and dynamic vinyasa flow class with focus on slow-paced strength building, inversions and arm balances, in person at The painted Barn in Norwich and online.

In these classes you will build up strength and increase flexibility through challenging asana practices. 

You will learn how to listen to and move your body with steadiness and ease, how to breathe effectively, and to deepen your mind/body connection through exploration of moving meditation. 


Yoga teaches us patience, how to find your breath, and how to be completely present; with consistent practice we can learn how to productively focus our energy, better manage stress, and to use the principles of yoga on our mats and in our daily lives.



I'm a passionate vinyasa practitioner and teacher, I've practiced yoga for around 7 years and have recently completed my teacher training to become a CYT200hr yoga teacher registered with Yoga Alliance International. 

Yoga has challenged and changed me mentally and physically, and as a teacher I'm grateful to have the opportunity to share what I have learnt with others and guide you as you discover your own practice.


Some of the main reasons we practice are to:

  • Increase our flow of energy

  • Build mind & body awareness

  • Utilise our breath

  • Calm our mind

  • Be completely present

  • Learn acceptance of ourselves and others

  • Learn patience and gratitude

  • Let go of our ego

  • Increase mobility and flexbility

  • Strengthen our entire bodies

  • Increase blood flow and circulation

I'm so excited to share this journey with you.

See you on the mat,


Katrina  x

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