What you need to know

Due to the latest Covid restrictions, you will be required to provide all of your own equipment,

this includes: mats, towels, blocks and straps (if required).


Dec 11 - Dec 17















Strength Flow

Build strength, improve flexibility and increase body awareness in a challenging strength practice.. We will flow through a vinyasa class holding postures and moving slowly, this requires more muscle exertion, which allows muscles to fully extend and lengthen.

Beginner and intermediate classes are available.

Beginner classes are very laid-back and friendly, you don't need any fitness or yoga experience to join in!

Great for: building strength & flexibility, energizing the body

Full Body Opening

Release the tension you've built up throughout the week. We'll stay low to the ground as we open up our entire bodies.

Suitable for everyone.

Great for: increasing flexibility and releasing tension

Balance & Inversions

A vinyasa flow all about inversions. We will look at how to enter and exit arm balances and inversions safely. How to build core, wrist and shoulder strength to be able to achieve various poses, including: flying pigeon, flying splits, eight angle, crow variations etc... 

You do not have to be able to enter these poses already to join the class, but you will need a strength/fitness/yoga background and/or you should be used to putting weight on the wrists for at least 6 months.

Suitable for experienced practitioners.

Great for: strength building, furthering a strength based yoga practice

Studio classes at The Painted Barn are small and intimate, spaces are limited to only 9 people to ensure you get the most out of each class.

Daybreak Flow @ The Yoga Tree

Escape the office with a 45min lunch time flow.  Restore balance, release tension and head back to work with a clear mind.

Suitable for everyone.

Great for: releasing tension, calming the mind, returning to centre

Class rules:

  1. Wear whatever you're comfortable in, you will need to move freely between postures, so choose something non-restrictive and breathable

  2. Yoga is best practiced on an empty stomach, avoid large meals 2-3 hours before your class

  3. Please refrain from using perfumes/aftershaves before class as this can be distracting to other students

  4. Please arrive on time - if you have missed too much of the warm up, you may not be allowed to join the class

  5. If this is your first class with me, please complete a medical form prior to arrival - click here to download

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