What you need to know

Due to the latest Covid restrictions, you will be required to provide all of your own equipment,

this includes: mats, towels, blocks and straps (if required).


Dec 11 - Dec 17















About my classes: 

Strength Flow

Strengthen your entire body and build flexibility and mobility in a challenging asana practice. 

We will flow slowly through a strength based vinyasa class, learning how to breathe effectively and build mind-body awareness through moving meditation.

Beginner and intermediate classes available.

Beginner classes are very laid-back and friendly, you don't need any fitness or yoga experience to join in!

Great for: building strength & flexibility, energizing the body

Full Body Opening

Release the tension you've built up throughout the week. We'll stay low to the ground as we open up our entire bodies.

If it's an AM class, we'll wake up our bodies with movement so you feel ready for the day, and if it's a PM class, we'll spend longer in gentle stretches to wind down and send you home ready for bed. Feel free to bring any props you need for this class.

Suitable for everyone.

Great for: relaxation, flexibility and releasing tension

Balance & Inversions Workshop

If you want to build full-body strength and/or improve your arm balances and inversions, this class is for you.

These classes will be suitable for most - from advanced practitioners looking to further their skills to beginner yogis who are just starting their strength based practice - you don't need any experience for these one hour workshops; we will start from the very beginning to build strength, control and confidence step-by-step. We will cover everything from wrists, shoulders, arms, core, legs etc...

In these classes, we will:

- Build strength, mobility, and body awareness

- Practice various strength and flexibility drills weekly to enhance your yoga practice and increase your strength with new exercises every month.

Suitable for most.

Great for: strength building, furthering a strength based yoga practice

Studio classes at The Painted Barn will always be small and intimate, spaces are limited to only 12 people to ensure you get the most out of each class and never feel cramped.

Additional info:

  1. Wear whatever you're comfortable in, you will need to move freely between postures, so choose something non-restrictive and breathable

  2. Yoga is best practiced on an empty stomach, avoid large meals 2-3 hours before your class

  3. Please refrain from using perfumes/aftershaves before class as this can be distracting to other students

  4. Please arrive on time - if you have missed too much of the warm up, you may not be allowed to join the class

  5. If this is your first class with me, please complete a medical form prior to arrival - click here to download

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